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Underwriting Turn Times

Transaction New Cond. Initial CD
Purchase: 07/01 96 48-hrs
Refinance: 06/24 96 48-hrs
Jumbo:   --- -- --
Renovation: 06/24 96 48-hrs
Last updated: 7/7/2020 9:02:46 AM

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FormRev DateCategory
Appraisal Transfer Request4/13/2015Michigan Mutual
Attorney Opinion Letter1/18/2013Michigan Mutual
Borrower eSign Process Instructions11/10/2017Michigan Mutual
Closing Disclosure Fee Sheet11/7/2016Michigan Mutual
Consent to Proceed with Appraisal Form- Correspondent11/9/2015Michigan Mutual
Consent to Proceed with Appraisal wholesale form11/9/2015Michigan Mutual
FHA Case Assignment Transfer Request10/3/2014Michigan Mutual
Finance Charges12/10/2009Michigan Mutual
Gift Letter2/22/2019Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Annual Recertification Form3/4/2020Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Broker Application & Agreement3/25/2020Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Broker Compensation Change Form1/4/2019Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Correspondent Application & Agreement3/25/2020Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Correspondent Compensation Change Form1/4/2019Michigan Mutual
Minimum Submission Requirements8/24/2017Michigan Mutual
MMI - eDelivery Consent Disclosure Interactive 4-13-20158/5/2015Michigan Mutual
MMI - Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement 8-20166/14/2016Michigan Mutual
MMI Lock Policy11/30/2018Michigan Mutual
Pre-CD information11/7/2016Michigan Mutual
TCF HELOC Qualifying Worksheet (Form 1017)8/2/2019Michigan Mutual
TCF Notice and Authorization10/1/2018Michigan Mutual
Value Reconsideration Form3/2/2020Michigan Mutual